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3 Axe Throwing Tips For Beginners

The sport of axe throwing has quickly risen in popularity, with more and more people looking to try their hand at throwing an axe. Whether you are wanting to get a few tips before a night out with friends or want to impress your date, Stumpy’s has provided 3 easy tips to help you learn how to throw an axe.

Stumpy's Green Brook - 3 Axe Throwing Tips For Beginners

Axe Throwing Technique For Beginners

Step 1: Knowing How To Grip

Gripping an axe for axe throwing is perhaps the most debated subject in the sport. As you start to learn how to throw an axe, your personal preference may be different from others, so practice makes perfect here. As a beginner, we suggest using a cross thumb grip for easy learning. Place your dominant hand on the bottom of the axe handle like you are shaking hands with it. You will want to position this just about the knob. Next, place the palm of your non-dominant hand and cover your dominant hand. Cross your thumb to create an “X” on the back of the handle and ensure that the blade is perfectly straight.

Step 2: Find Your Best Stance

The best stance for axe throwing is all about stability, so the first step is to square up to your target. Step forward with your non-dominant foot and shift your weight forward. Extend your arms forward and point the axe in the direction of the target, ensuring the blade is still straight.

Step 3: The Throw

Now that you have your grip and your stance dialled in, you are ready to throw the axe. The following steps are broken out to make it easy to follow, but you will want to do this all in one motion once you get the motions down. Shift your weight to the back leg and bring the axe high over your head. Shift your weight back onto the front leg and bring the axe over your head. Once your wrists come over your body, release the axe with both hands and follow through with your throw. Do not flick your wrists and do not throw it as hard as you can. This is all about technique, not strength.

Axe Throwing In Green Brook, NJ

For the best axe throwing in Green Brook, NJ, visit Stumpy’s Hatchet House. Our facility is safe, fun, and a great way to have an exciting time while learning a new skill. Fill out our reservation form to secure your next axe throwing adventure.


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